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An Evening with Petr Jasek



Our Vision

A family, rooted in Christ, committed to
transforming lives by:
Gathering as God's people
Growing more like Jesus
Going out in the
power of the Spirit.

Our Prayer

we hold before you
our family in the
Diocese of Swansea
and Brecon
and we open our hearts
and minds to your Spirit.

Bless us as we gather
in your name;
Guide us as we grow
into the likeness of your Son;
Lead us by your Spirit
to go out and
make disciples of others.

God of our journeying,
be our way
and our truth and our life;
our beginning and our end.

We pray through Jesus our Lord. Amen.

Kilay Summer Fete

Richard Ellis,
29 Nov 2017, 23:40
Richard Ellis,
6 Dec 2017, 03:50